Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ombre Sparkle Nails

As my nails were in desperate need to be painted, I took the opportunity to experiment with a different technique, in comparison to my usual bog-standard one colour coat.

As the ombre "dip-dye" effect is very popular at the moment, I thought I would try creating this look on my nails!

For this particular nail look I combined three colours which were different shades within a colour group. I chose to keep the brighter shade at the bottom of the nail and decided to gradually get darker towards the top! 
In order to add more drama, I added a glitter top to the very ends of the nails.
 Products used:- Base coat; Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat, Lightest shade; Cheeky Chops 240 by N07, Middle shade; OMP! by Nails Inc, Darkest shade; (random nail polish,) Glitter colour; Excuse Moi! OPI Muppets Collection.
You will also need a small sponge, or an old make up applicator that you have lying around (what I used.)
  • Step 1 - Apply base coat to protect nails from staining.
  • Step 2 - Apply an even opaque coat of the lightest polish.
  • Step 3 - Once nails are completely dry, use your mini sponge to lightly dab on the middle colour to the top half of your nails.
  • Step 4 - Once nails are completely dry again, dab on the darkest shade to the very tops of your nails, making sure there's a gradual ombre effect.
  • Step 5 (optional) - If you want to add extra drama to your nails apply a glitter polish in the same way previously to the very tips of your nails.
  • Step 6 - Tidy up where necessary by applying more polish to improve the effect.
  • Final step - Apply a top coat in order to seal in your design to prevent it from chipping and to create a shiny finish. 
    Hope you enjoyed! Here's a few snaps of when I went out the other night to celebrate my friends birthday! Make up wise I chose to create a teal smokey look.
    (Fab night out, excuse the weirdo in the pic haha!)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tropical Colour Pop!

Hey everyone! 

As the sun has started to peak out amongst the clouds, I chose to experiment with some bright colourful eye shadows inspired solely from one of my summer tops.

 (The top I was inspired from)

(For this look all colours used were from the "Sleek - Mediterranean Palette.") 
  • Begin by applying your chosen moisturiser, primer (optional), foundation and concealer as your base.
  • Eyes - I started by applying a lime green eyeshadow to the first third of the lid.
  • I then blended into the eye crease lightly an orange eye shadow, making sure the edges appeared soft.
  • To add dramatic definition I then applied a hot pink eyeshadow to outer corners of the eye, and blended well into the orange and parts of the green.
  • To darken the lower lash line slightly I added a purple eyeshadow and also blended some of this into the pink on the outer corner to create even more depth. 
  • To finish the eye look I added a matte cream colour to my brow bone, to help brighten the area and also neaten the eyeshadow edges.

  • Next I chose to line my top lash line with a liquid eyeliner and darkened the bottom lash line slightly with an eyeliner pencil.
  • To help frame my face I then filled in my brows with "Benefits - Brow Zings."
  • To finish off I applied mascara, patted on a pink cream blusher and added some coral gloss to the lips.
  Hope you enjoyed :}